‘My bank told me off’

Here’s a salutary lesson for anyone who might be thinking of livening up their bank transactions by doing something like this.

Turns out the bank takes it seriously, very seriously indeed.

‘May bank told me off,’ said Jahoe who shared the screenshot which has just gone wildly viral over on Reddit.

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘It’s all fun and games until one day you want to go on vacation and find out you can’t get on any planes.
That or get singled out for extra security screening at airports.’

‘Speedrunning your way onto an FBI list 101.’

‘Friends went to eat at Mediterranean place and then Venmo flagged them as possible threats because the note on the payment was Aleppo Palace, which was the name of the restaurant.’

‘I met a girl in college named Isis, stuff like this makes me wonder what stuff she has to go through all the time just because of the name she didn’t even pick out herself.’

‘This is like the guy who pushed how far he could go with his signature when using his credit card to the point of drawing a dick and then getting called out on it at the grocery store.’

‘You’re lucky they didn’t freeze your accounts.’

‘This is why I always mark mine “not for ISIS training.” So they know it’s for American purposes.’


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Source Reddit u/Jahoe Image Unsplash