A Tory MP denied comparing Covid breaches to a ‘parking fine’ and it didn’t end well

Conservative MP Mark Jenkinson caused something of a stir yesterday when he appeared to compare fixed penalty notices for Covid breaches – the sort of thing Boris Johnson is being investigated for – to a parking fine.

Well, that was certainly the impression lots of people got including ITV’s political editor, Robert Peston.

It raised lots of eyebrows as you might imagine, including this, from Dr Zubaida Haque, a member of Independent Sage.

And this response from author and mathematical biologist, Kit Yates.

Which we only mention because Jenkinson, the Tory MP for Workington, was at pains to point out that he’d done nothing of the sort and let Kit know in no uncertain terms (check out the inverted commas).

Except it’s fair to say we’re not sure we’re any the wiser.

And also this, from human rights barrister Adam Wagner.


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