We can’t believe Michael Fabricant fell for this spoof MP – but he really did

After Conservative MP William Wragg made allegations of party attempts to blackmail Boris Johnson’s critics, Michael Fabricant launched a one-man campaign to rubbish the reports.

He began with this widely panned piece of self-incrimination.

There was more.

He also retweeted tweets criticising Wragg and praising Johnson, like this one.

But Sir Michael Take – as in ‘Mickey Take’ – isn’t an actual MP, and you’d sort of think an actual MP might just know that, but even so – surely “Boris Johnson is an honest man” really gave it away.

Sir Michael was delighted with the endorsement.

Tweeters enjoyed his cringeworthy error.

As @liamnorris1001 so beautifully put it –

“I’d have thought it would take more than a few hours to outdo confirming bullying and blackmail, but Fabricant is on a roll today.”


Michael Fabricant’s defence of the No 10 garden party got the contempt it deserved

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