It cost the taxpayer £900k to prove Boris Johnson’s Northern Ireland bridge plan unfeasible

Boris Johnson is probably glad of almost anything that distracts people from his teetering political career, but a financial report into his never-viable plan for a bridge to Northern Ireland is unlikely to provide any respite.

The proposed bridge would have spanned Beaufort’s Dyke – the site of an enormous military munitions dump in the North Channel.

The non-existent bridge is one of a number of projects dreamt up or championed by Boris Johnson that either didn’t happen or went ahead at disproportionate cost.

The Garden Bridge project – £53 million.

Three unusable water cannon that were scrapped – £300,000.

The Thames Estuary Airport scheme – £5 million.

The drastically underused Emirates Air Line cable car – £60 million.

Making the Olympic Stadium fit for use by West Ham and for athletics meets – £486 million.

Of course, the pandemic added to the list.

Unusable products bought by the PPE procurement programme, judged to have involved unlawful privileged access for ministers’ contacts – £2 billion.

The Test and Trace project, judged by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee to have made no difference to infection figures – £37 billion.

News of the £900,000 spaffed up the imaginary bridge went down as well as you’d expect. These five tweets cover the range of reactions from people who aren’t down a Boris Johnson worship rabbit hole.






In conclusion –


Boris Johnson’s bridge to Northern Ireland isn’t going to happen and we’re shocked – shocked, I tell you!

Source Jason Groves Image Screengrab, Christopher Bill on Unsplash