It’s likely to be curtains for this US shutter company after they cancelled themselves

We can hardly believe this ad is allowed on US TV, yet @robertjackson392’s TikTok post shows it in action.

Florida-based Plantation Shutters for You has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, with its unashamed political bias.

@robertjackson392 Part 2 if this blows up 😂😂😂 #fyp #icantvote #florida #republican #democrat #business #biden #trump ♬ original sound – Robert Jackson

Alongside some TikTok accounts with MAGA in their bios, saying they’d be ordering shutters were these gobsmacked comments.

The clip soon spread to other platforms, like Reddit’s r/Unexpected forum, where u/Im-_Batman’s post had commenters shaking their heads.

There goes quite possibly half of their customers…

Five bucks says this business owner bitches on facebook about “the left politicizing everything”.

Can you imagine being so fragile you put this in your commercial. What a true American snowflake!

The clip turned up on Twitter, too, with Fifty Shades of Whey‘s tweet racking up 130,000 views in a day.

This question nailed it.


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