Winston the rescue dog isn’t as good at hiding as he thinks he is

TikTok account Winston To The Rescue shares clips of the gorgeous and lovable mutt, Winston, who is a very good boy.

Here he is enjoying a game of hide and seek with his owner – really enjoying it.

@winnietotherescue #gooddog ♬ original sound – Winston To The Rescue

He’ll never win the Canine Hide & Seek trophy, but he can have all the medals he wants for being adorable.

TikTok users thought so too.

This is what happened next.

@winnietotherescue The reveal! #gooddog ♬ original sound – Winston To The Rescue

You want more? Of course you do.

@winnietotherescue More of Winston #gooddog ♬ Happy – Pharrell Williams

If you’re on TikTok, give the little fella a follow.


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