This boss’s outrageous response to an employee’s death simply beggars belief

There’s a corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ which is full of stories of nightmarish working conditions and managers you really, really wouldn’t want to work for.

We’ve featured it a fair few times in the last weeks and months, but we’re not sure we can remember one quite so jaw-dropping as this.

‘So my best friend just got this email … what the actual f-ck!?’ said comrade-linux.

And it got entirely the responses it deserved.

‘I’m going to put into my will that I do want productivity to slide upon my death.’

‘Don’t forget to add if the boss threatens to fire people for discussing you, you will haunt them.’

‘Emily Dickinson returned from the dead to clock this person in the head for misusing her poetry.’

“If you haven’t heard, you can’t mourn on our time, but we’ll let you mourn on yours. Unless we’re busy. Oh, also please don’t communicate with your fellow workers about any of this.”

‘Literally don’t know why they wrote this. It’s so poorly written that it’ll cause more problems than it … nevermind, it just causes problems.’

‘Basically … “take 5 in the break room, come back and be very productive. If you have issues you are forbidden to speak to your coworkers about these issues or we will fire you.”

‘PS if you’re sad during our busy times than that whole break thing, yeah not gonna happen.’


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Source Reddit u/comrade-linux