This classic cat versus postman clip has turned up again – and people think it’s purrfect

Back in 2014, a New York postman – or mail man, if you prefer – named Joe Cassidy, won $100,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos for this clip of his encounter with one of the feline residents on his round.

RIP the poor homeowner’s mail. Joe, a cat owner, himself, obviously quite liked his adversary, and that probably helped his video to get the most votes.

It’s been gaining new fans after again, nearly eight years later, after u/Savings_Subject74 posted it on r/funny, in Reddit.

Here’s what Redditors had to say about it.

That’s the spam filter.

Get those folders about adopting dogs out of my house!

He seems like a really friendly postman. This made me smile 🙂

What’s your cat’s name?


Why would you name your cat Shredder?


This would be my favorite house to deliver to lol.

First dogs, now cats. The mailman can’t catch a break.

Finally, someone named u/Vindoga had their own letter box trauma to share.

“I delivered the newspaper to this old lady every day and she yanked it out of my hand the second I put it through the mail drop. Was she waiting for it all day? At least allow me to let go first.

She did this every day. I walk up to the door, paper barely halfway through and still in my hand, it got yanked all the time. Why so passive aggressive? What is her problem?

Next day I was ready to confront her. Paper in my hand, I open the mail drop and wait for a moment. “Are you going to wait until I let go this time?”. No answer so I look through the drophole and I see a little chihuahua. It was the dog – she had trained it to fetch the paper. I laughed for a solid minute in my car.”


This postman’s note was both helpful and next-level trolling

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