TikToker Gramma Judi went viral with this hilarious fitted sheet tutorial

Over on TikTok, a lady known as Gramma Judi – @judiknits – has been getting to grips with the platform, with a little help from her daughter Rebecca.

This is a little introduction the 89-year-old shared last summer.


♬ original sound – judiknits

At end of December, she posted this invaluable tip for dealing with fitted sheets. It’s a tiny bit sweary.

@judiknits #laundry #grandma #sheetfolding101 #seniorstiktokin #89andfabulous ♬ original sound – judiknits

It went viral, and has now had more than 13 million views, picking up reactions like these –

@brodywellmaker said what a lot of us were thinking.

Thanks for the confirmation, Gramma Judi.


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