This shepherd dog puppy getting to know its flock is today’s most adorable thing

Leading contender for ‘awww!’ of the week is surely this, a video of a shepherd dog in training which has just gone wildly viral on Reddit because it’s just so damn cute.

The Anatolian (or Kangal) Shepherd Dog is not a sheep dog but a shepherd dog – Google, Google, Google – a ‘flock guardian’ which helps defend the flock and is bred to have similar traits to the sheep so predators don’t spot them.

No, us neither.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Those old ladies checking in on the pup!

“You alright Darlin’? You keep on coming sweetheart!”

‘At this age, it probably thinks it is a sheep.’

‘That’s kind of the point, to make them think they are part of the flock and be more inclined to protect them later. It’s not a herding dog type at all, it’s a defensive breed type to protect against wolves or wild dogs.’

‘He’s so tiny but so determined!’

‘We protec you now, you protec us later. Beautiful!’


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Source Reddit u/simplemantr