People had plenty to say about this entitled customer’s kick-off over a discount policy

Someone named u/davetheweeb headed over to r/ChoosingBeggars to report on this display of entitlement that he spotted on a local Facebook page.

He added –

For context this is in a slightly smaller population town outside of a military base and this is the only diner in the town. They’re nothing to write home about but their food is decent and priced fairly. So unless you go all alone, chances are you’re going to spend $20 easily.

Reddit users were seriously unimpressed.

If I were that diner, I’d stop with the military discounts entirely. Just one price for everyone.

Oh my…this could be my sister. She’s taken dependapotamus to a new level.

Hey! The only reason I fought overseas was to get my 10% at Denny’s.

Good God. So many businesses are struggling. Get over yourself.

The diner giveth, and the diner taketh away.

If you’re able to pay $19 but not pay $20, maybe you shouldn’t be eating out at all.

I’m a veteran and people like this are the reason I never ask about a military discount.

Thank you for your service
Is the cherry on top of the cake. Always stay polite when putting someone in their place.


$50 says this was a military spouse and not a veteran.

jjenkins_41 had this far more reasonable suggestion for what the customer should have said.

“Oh, okay. Now I know for next time. Thanks.”

In short – manners.


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