Ed Miliband’s blistering takedown of Boris Johnson even had people who don’t like Ed Miliband cheering

Ed Miliband was on Sky News today giving his take on the latest revelations about Boris Johnson’s Downing Street garden party at the height of lockdown in May 2020.

According to an email obtained by ITV News, more than 100 staff were invited to a drinks party in the No 10 garden to “make the most of the lovely weather”.

Staff were told to ‘bring your own booze!’ with both the prime minister and his wife said to be in attendance.

Johnson, for his part, is refusing to comment, hiding behind – sorry – pointing people towards the on-going inquiry into the alleged rule-breaking parties headed by civil servant Sue Gray.

Here are our favourite things people said about that.

But the most powerful comment on the whole thing might have been from former Labour leader Miliband.

It really is worth watching in full, and was so good it had people who don’t like Ed Miliband cheering.

Nailed it.

And because he wasn’t just on Sky News, here’s Miliband on LBC, also today.

Blistering stuff.


The PM may have attended a packed BYOB party in No. 10’s garden at the height of lockdown

Source Twitter @KayBurley