Nigel Farage accused Andy Murray of being ‘filled with prejudice’ and his comeback was smashing

You may well have seen by now Andy Murray’s faultless takedown of Nigel Farage after the Brexiter-in-Chief hitched himself aboard the Novak Djokovic bandwagon.

Here’s what Farage had to say about the tennis star who has won his appeal against deportation from Australia but may still have his visa withdrawn.

Farage even flew to the Djokovic home in Belgrade to make his point. Of course he did.

And Murray’s takedown was of the straight sets variety.

Now Farage has bitten back with this …

… prompting no shortage of smashing replies.

But the best – and most succinct – response once again went to Sir Andy himself.

Hook, line and sinker. Game, set and match.


Nigel Farage got slammed for his cringeworthy appearance at the Djokovic home – 19 savage favourites

Source Twitter @andy_murray