Greg James had the best response to Michael Gove getting stuck in a BBC lift for 30 minutes

In news which cheered everyone’s day up apart from the man himself, Michael Gove got stuck in a lift for 30 minutes today at the BBC’s Broadcasting House.

The so-called Levelling Up secretary was on his way to an interview on Radio 4’s Today programme when the fabulous, sorry, most unfortunate breakdown occurred.

Here’s what happened on air (he eventually turned up but we don’t need to bother with that).

And it prompted no end of jokes as you might imagine.


But very probably the best response came from Radio 1 breakfast DJ Greg James, who was on air at the same time.

And here it is.

Each of the BBC lifts, you see, broadcasts a different radio station to the people inside them (and there’s no way of changing it).

Gove’s elevator wasn’t tuned to Radio 1, alas.

But most of all, everyone was just thinking this.


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Source Twitter @gregjames