‘It looks like someone got pushed into the ground by their dog with a ball’

It looked like New York lawyer @woahguo had done some seriously impressive deduction in her viral TikTok about a snow mishap – until the end.


♬ original sound – woahguo

She added –

“Based on the face print, it looks like whoever fell must have been yelling on the way down. How embarrassing for that person.”

We’re sure she couldn’t be annoyed with her gorgeous English bulldog, Walter. Not for long, anyway. TikTok users loved the video.

As a bonus, here’s the culprit – Walter, in all his glory.

@woahguo Reply to @corriedavid @walterenglishbulldog ♬ original sound – woahguo


How much this dog loves the snow is almost as funny as how much the horses hate it

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