People think this woman’s list of dating no-nos is a huge red flag

Everybody has a dealbreaker or two when it comes to dating. You may be sworn off going out with a smoker, for example, or a Brexiter, or even someone who licks the lid of their yoghurt pot. No judgement.

This woman, however, had a list that might be argued goes a bit too far.

See for yourself.

Clearly, some of those things are very reasonable. Others – maybe stretching it.

Commenters weighed in with some mild pisstaking.

Honestly just about every aristocrat who doesn’t have to work I’ve met that’s under 30 went through a flip flop phase.

Pierced nipples seems very specific. Other piercings are ok?

Not that i would qualify with my 8 other things on that list.

I like how you can neither be hairy…

…nor bald.

Things that ARE acceptable:

Wearing women’s shoes

Being sexist

Being a daddy’s boy

Having a pierced bellybutton

Owning a ferret

Having many misdemeanors

Having a hairy stomach

Having a hairy ass

Let’s just be honest here, the guy with the flip flops was almost surely the same guy with the cat and nipple piercings.

I read her list like “Omg! I can date her!”

Sucks that my list is

🚫 Immense, bright red flags.

It all begs this question from u/amhran_oiche

Which one of you no good, hairy ass, flip-flop wearing, cat lovin’, dirty-ass pierced freaks hurt her?


This woman’s tale of why she’s not dating is painfully hilarious

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