Rosie Holt’s satire on Colston statue defenders is almost too convincing

The toppling of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol as part of the wider Black Lives Matter protests sparked a massive debate about how to reflect unsavoury facts about British history.

After a short trial, four of the people involved in pulling down the statue and dropping it into the harbour have been cleared of wrongdoing, with the defence arguing that the statue was so offensive that its removal was not a crime.

The verdict got mixed reactions, with some cheering the triumph of reason.

Others, including the PM, felt it gave carte blanche to anyone who wanted to pull down a statue – and somehow threatened the historical record.

Darren Grimes even appeared to encourage people to desecrate the grave of Karl Marx.

Comedian and actor, Rosie Holt, reacted as only she could – by taking an interview between Talk Radio’s Kevin O’Sullivan and political commentator James Melville and turning it into a wonderful parody of some of the more hysterical voices in the discourse.

Rosie’s editing and performance foxed a few people.

Most spotted the joke, however.

We can’t argue with this.

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Rosie Holt turned Dominic Raab’s cringeworthy defence of the PM into biting satire

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