People love this horse that plays dead whenever anyone tries to ride it

First in an occasional series, funny horse video of the week is this clip that has just gone viral on Reddit.

It’s Jingang the horse who has come up with a very funny – and very effective – way of combating anyone who tries to ride it.

And here are just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

‘Don’t show other horses this trick.’

‘My uncle had a horse that would walk under tree branches, that were just higher than it, trying to knock you off with the branches.’

‘That’s a two-year old horse. I’ve never seen that horse before, but I have seen two-year olds.’

‘When this horse actually dies, nobody is going to believe it.’

‘The horse who cried death …’

‘Cowboys hate this 1 simple trick.’

‘Seriously why don’t all horses just do this? Jingang cracked the code.’

‘Side-note, this music is amazing.’

‘I heard the reason we never domesticated zebras is because they just lay down like this…and then roll to crush you.’

The video first appeared a while back on Kritter Klub over on YouTube and you can find lots more of this sort of thing here.

Source Reddit u/RedTomatoSauce YouTube Kritter Klub