This NFT chancer tried to pay an artist with …their own art

It’s bad enough trying to pay someone with exposure, but offering to pay them with a piece of their own artwork takes not only the biscuit, but the whole packet of biscuits and half a cake as well.

u/nitiddesigns posted screenshots of the bizarre exchange on Reddit’s r/ChoosingBeggars. It’s a longish conversation, but worth it.

Proceedings took a familiar turn.

u/nitiddesigns added

“I couldn’t take him seriously at that point.”

That’s putting it mildly.

People had thoughts on the chancer’s ploy.

“Nah don’t wory about it it’s decentralised”. As if that’s a magic word that protects you from legal ramifications lol.

Make me a video game and in return will give you the best items in said game.

Anyone want to buy my magic beans. I’ll take 5 aliens.

NFTs are the new pet rocks.

A meme that became too big and is now a industry.

Soon it will stop just like pet rocks.

Uh oh, the other Artist Said He will do it for just 1 Alien and 1 half-Alien, half-Human hybrid, you better hurry Up, Dude.

Spoiler alert; he did not look stupid later…

Someone named u/YourImaginaryFried nailed it.

History is full of people with regrets. The people who turned away the Beatles. The people who didn’t buy into Apple or MicroSoft. This is not going to be one of those.


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Source r/ChoosingBeggars Image r/ChoosingBeggars, Ivanovgood on Pixabay