What could go wrong trying to vacuum pepper off an egg?

An embarrassing fail has started picking up attention again, and if you haven’t seen it – or heard it – you’re in for a weird treat.

TikToker silcl posted footage of their sister trying to undo a culinary mistake by making an even bigger culinary mistake.

Here’s the original, which went viral in March 2020 – and not in a Covidy way.

Sound up!

@silcl So my sister put too much pepper on her egg and thought solving it with a vacuum… #foryou #fyp #eggcident ♬ origineel geluid – Sil C.


What did she think would happen?

Someone named u/No-Nefariousness9324 has re-shared the clip on Reddit’s r/Facepalm forum, pushing it back into the public eye.

Here’s what Redditors thought of it.

I watched this without sound first, and still knew exactly what sound this made.

Well that sucks.

The Very Hungry Vacuum Cleaner.

Now put it in your mouth and set the vacuum to reverse.

Predictable but hilarious nevertheless!

I bet the vacuum took some cleaning out.

File this comment from u/ShinjiJA under ‘technically correct’

Well, it did vacuum the pepper. It looks like a success to me.

Never try to teach your granny to suck eggs.


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