Simply 15 times Dan Walker owned Piers Morgan into next week

It was a year of contrasting fortunes for erstwhile breakfast TV rivals, Piers Morgan and Dan Walker.

While Morgan stormed off Good Morning Britain in a huff, Walker waltzed into the nation’s affections (well, a decent portion of it) on Strictly Come Dancing.

Morgan will be back on telly on Rupert Murdoch’s answer to GB News, talkTV, so we look forward to plenty more satisfying Twitter exchanges between the pair.

But until then, enjoy these 15 times Walker owned Morgan into next week.

1. On Walker’s Strictly Come Dancing exit

2. On Meghan and Harry

3. On being too soft …

4. On ratings (part one)

5. On storming off

6. On joining BBC Breakfast

7. On art imitating life

8. On Emma Raducuna

Which we only mention because his long time rival and erstwhile breakfast nemesis Dan Walker had the perfect response.