David Bowie’s uncanny internet predictions get a few ch-ch-changes courtesy of Michael Spicer

Back in 1999, David Bowie appeared on Newsnight being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. He shared his uncannily prescient expectations of the development of the internet, which was still in its relative infancy.

Here’s a clip of their conversation.

The potential of what the Internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable.

He certainly wasn’t wrong.

One impact of the internet has been for creators of all kinds to have an instant platform for their content, and one man who has truly used that to his advantage – and ours – is Michael Spicer.

Michael has cleverly cut the original footage, as he does for his Room Next Door sketches, to place himself into the Jeremy Paxman interview in the guise of David Bowie. It’s a comedy masterpiece.

“And we’ll spend vast portions of our time on websites called ‘social media sites’which we will hate but we will have six different accounts for. And we will spend most of our time looking for people online to have arguments with.”

He also shared the sketch on Twitter, where it got a lot of much deserved love.

It even got the seal of approval from director Duncan Jones, who just happens to be David Bowie’s son.

We think that says it all.

You can watch the full Newsnight interview here.


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