This cat has trained all its neighbours to help it travel by lift

Ginger cats may have a reputation for being clever, but they’re still small and don/t possess opposable thumbs, which is why they have to train humans to be their willing servants.

This clever cat hasn’t just trained its owners, but everyone else in the building.

When I see a cat in front of a door I always ring that door. so that cat can be let in.

“Let me in, I forgot my key.”

Someone should put a cat sticker next to his floor number for any new tenants or visitors.

This is really interesting! I didn’t know animals were clever enough to develop the notion of an elevator door not just being a barrier like other doors, but that it actually changes places when it closes and opens again.

What does the cat do for work to afford that apartment?

Reddit user u/historiavitae summed it up.

Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the well-trained and obedient pet 🙂


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