The Sunday Sport’s riposte to this BBC apology might just snatch Burn of the Year

In the aftermath of Ghislaine Maxwell being found guilty of grooming and sex trafficking offences, the media was awash with interviews. Some were with legal experts, others with people who had been following the case, and one brave victim of Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein – Annie Farmer – spoke to various news outlets.

The BBC chose to interview Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz – himself accused of being an abuser in Epstein and Maxwell’s circle. He took the opportunity to attack his accuser.

Here’s how people reacted to the interview.

In quite a swift turnaround, the BBC issued this apology.

If they’d hoped it would put the matter to rest, they were in for some disappointment.

The best response, however, must surely be this one from the Sunday Sport, acknowledging its own reputation for being less than stringent with its fact-checking.

It might even slide in at the last moment to snatch Burn of the Year.

Maybe that should be Burn of the Decade.


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