A doctor served up the best response to an anti-vaxxer’s Covid hot take

No matter what the peer-reviewed studies and mountains of data might say, Covid sceptics can be relied upon to have the hottest of takes to try and persuade people to ignore the science – and the rules.

Dr. Sarah Parcak had the perfect response to one such hot take, from a Canadian politician.

Here’s his seering insight.

And this was her stunning backhand return.

Tweeters loved Dr Parcak’s analogy, leaving comments like these.

The wasn’t lost on @Toure, who spotted a screenshot of it on TikTok.

His tweet brought the comeback to a new audience.

There were also a couple of alternative comebacks for the same type of anti-vax claim.

The takedown made its way to Reddit’s r/CleverComebacks forum, where u/starshine913 added to the list.

Both the man in a bullet proof vest and the man not in a bullet proof vest can still catch a bullet to the chest.

However, the bottom line is this explanation, from Peter K. Homer.


Anti-vaxxer Takedown of the Day

Source Dr. Sarah Parcak H/T Toure Image torstensimon on Pixabay