Take the stress out of your 2022 New Year’s resolutions with these great tips

According to History.com – and you’d expect them to know – the Ancient Babylonians were the first people to make New Year’s resolutions. Judging by the carvings, they might have been resolving to do such things as ‘Put really sharp corners on my beard’ or ‘Get the tallest hat in the developed world’. Who knows? Not us, obviously.

These days, people tend to make and break the same few resolutions over and over.

Give up (insert unhealthy habit)

Take up (insert strenuous activity)

Learn (insert challenging skill)

The ever-funny Brittlestar – Canadian comedian, Stewart Reynolds – has stepped in to save people from getting back on that merry-go-round of aspiration and crushed hopes.

Doesn’t that sound a little more achievable than climbing Everest or giving up watching soaps?

Of course, lower expectations are for life, not just for New Year.

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