These dogs playing ‘crouching tiger, hidden carrot’ is 59 seconds very well spent

If you watch only one funny (and totally adorable) dog video this week, then make it this one.

‘Tried ‘crouching dog, hidden carrot’ with the girls. Did not disappoint 😂,’ said sir_cakes over on Reddit.

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘”If the point of this game is to piss me off, IT’S WORKING” – brown dog.’

‘But the black dog didn’t give up, and he made it.’

‘I love how the black dog just gives up on catching it eventually and tries to win you over with kisses instead.’

‘I appreciate the level of bullshit your dog is unwilling to put up with.’

‘I love how the black dog is trying to reason with him like “Okay dad fun is fun but give me the carrot” and the brown one is just like “THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT.”‘

But most of all, this.

‘I’m glad you eventually let them win. Wish you had two carrots though, they really tried their best …’


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Source Reddit u/sir_cakes