These dogs getting to choose their Christmas gift is 2 minutes of pure joy

It’s been another long year – of course it has! – and this is just the pick-me-up you might need to get you through the last few days before the Christmas holidays.

It’s a video of a bunch of dogs getting the chance to pick out their Christmas gift and it’s funny and totally adorable.

Two minutes of pure joy and not unlike the first moments of the January sales (back in the day, obviously).

The video was made by the good people of the Dogs Trust Ireland charity and here’s what they had to say about it.

‘It’s finally #SantaPawsDay – the day all our dogs get to pick their own Christmas present! We couldn’t squeeze them all in, but we hope you smile as much watching this as we did recording it.’

This is their extended version, with the added value of the each dog’s name!

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Their different approaches are so interesting. I love how the second dog scares itself with the cow toy, haha.’

‘I like how the long dog picked the long toy.’

‘Makes me wonder……is it the color, the scent, the shape, the sound, the texture, all of the above? I wish we could interview them to find out

‘Me: Why did you choose that toy, dog?

‘Dog: Because I like it.’

‘It looked like they each had their own criteria. 2 of them were very clearly going for the best fit for their mouth, or mouthfeel.’

‘Husky just wanted a ball.’

To conclude …

‘I seriously could watch this for hours.’

Much more of this sort of thing over at Dogs Trust Ireland here.


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