‘The first guy ever to build a snowman’ probably creeped everyone out

Most parts of the UK and Ireland won’t see a white Christmas in 2021, but when there’s a decent snowfall, you’ll always find people out there building snowmen. Other genders are available.

The wonderful Ryan George, being Canadian, has certainly had his fair share of opportunities to make snow people, though we can’t confirm that he took all of them.

What we can confirm, however, is that he’s imagined a hilarious scenario about what it would have been like when someone or other made the first one.

If I walk into a room wearing just a hat and a scarf, people won’t be like ‘Hey look at that fully clothed man.’

You can’t fault his logic. This is what YouTube users have been saying about the sketch.

When you spent your whole life never realizing how much a snowman looks nothing like a man…
Matt’s Crazy Art

This is the hardest I’ve laughed in a couple months I think.
Wes Davies 衛斯理

“Where are you getting all this coal?” Well you see, Ryan has been a bad boy.
Jason Unborne

Funny how many children’s characters walk that fine line between sweet, innocent, toy-come-to-life and sleep-paralysis demon killer from hell.

I love how this series just highlights how crazy we are as a species.
Akirus Gauge

This may well be true for us, too.

Now I’ll never unsee all that next time I’ll see a snowman.


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Source Ryan George Image Screengrab