This dog’s tyre-moving game is very strong

Minds are being blown by this Belgian Malinois, as it helps its owner move some tyres. Watch what it does.

It’s like the Krypton Factor, but cute.

Redditors flocked to comment on u/baiqibeendeleted17x‘s post.

Even if the dog was trained to do that, it’s still impressive imo.

Holy shit! And I thought my Labrador, who HAS to have thumbs, was smart! He knows how to recline himself on a power recliner, open his food bin and garbage can.

My dog is afraid of the toaster.

The dog’s cunning antics reached a different audience when the clip was shared by that very uplifting tweeter, @buitengebieden_.

A tweeter named elias⏳🔎⌛ had this to add.

The urge is strong.

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This dog’s three-legged run-up to a high five is today’s most adorable thing.

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