This school band’s terrible rendition of Jingle Bells is so bad it’s hilarious

To the eyes and ears of every parent watching, school performances are simply wonderful, and most wouldn’t swap the chance to see their child playing the third donkey in the Year 3 Nativity for tickets to see Hamilton in the West End.

This old clip of a school band in full Christmas mode is – well …terrible. But it’s pretty funny, too.

Here are some of the YouTube comments we thought kind of nailed it.

I want them to play at my wedding.
Back Jucher

Being a parent is the ultimate try not to laugh challenge.

Ima need the spotify version.
Marty McFly

It recently showed up again when u/Jarvis_McChet shared it on Reddit’s r/funny forum, where the comments show that it hit the spot over there too.

As it goes on, you think it cannot possibly get any worse, but no…

This is the music version of the ugly holiday sweater. I just found my new holiday ringtone!

I don’t think they hit any note in key.

Rather than leave on a note of mockery – because they are, after all, children learning instruments – here’s some optimism from u/TheCounsellingGamer.

Everyone has to start somewhere. I was classically trained on clarinet and piano, those first few years were horrendous. I had weekly lessons and I don’t think my teacher was paid enough to listen to that racket.

I got good though, good enough to be in several audition only youth orchestras. There’s at least a couple of budding musicians in that group. They sound like a cat being strangled now but in a few years they’ll be playing Mozart.


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