This anti-vaxxer was outraged by Cards Against Humanity and got entirely the responses they deserved

If you’re having a game of Cards Against Humanity then presumably you know what to expect. Unless you’re this anti-vaxxer who stumbles across a card taking aim at … anti-vaxxers.

And it’s fair to say they weren’t best pleased, they really weren’t pleased at all.

‘Surely… I’m not stupid? Am I?’ said Time_Towel_3278 who shared it over on Reddit.

And you’ll be reassured to know they got entirely the responses they deserved. Here are our favourites.

‘Pharma companies well known to support tabletop game companies.’

‘How dare this game built on offensive humour offend me!’

“Am I so out of touch?! No… it’s the humorous card game that is wrong…”

‘The card game that has cards like, “Covering myself with Parmesan cheese and chili flakes because I am pizza.” “Not giving a shit about the Third World,” “Literally eating shit,” “A windmill full of corpses,” or “The tiny calloused hands of the Chinese children that made this card” has to be taken seriously and really went a step too far with this card.’

‘Or you could just stop being a blithering moron and vaccinate your kids.’

‘Anyone who gets their panties in a twist over a CAH card is not someone I need to waste time with, so I must thank the makers of the game for this convenient litmus test.’

Anyone for a game of Risk?


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Source Reddit u/Time_Towel_3278