This outrageous boss was told where to stick his job and the satisfaction is tangible

Over on the subReddit ‘antiwork’ people share stories of outrageous behaviour by employers and – just occasionally – screenshots of what happened when they told those employers what they could do with their job.

And this one is a classic of the genre, shared by Redditor binthinkin77 who said: ‘Finally decided I’d had enough of my P.O.S. boss on Monday, & damn did it feel good.’

The satisfaction is tangible.

And it prompted no end of cheering – and sympathy – from fellow Redditors. Here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘What adult tells another adult, Yyou’re about to be in big trouble?” That’s how you talk to a 2 year old. SMH’

‘You threaten to quit and they threaten you to ask you to work for Christmas too. Surreal! Haha.’

‘I love people who talk about “tone” in a simple, short text 🤣🤣’

“I don’t appreciate the tone”.

‘Translation: “How dare you not say what I wanted you to say.”

‘These can’t be real, right? Some of you really have to put up with this kind of shit? Who is appointing these people as managers?’

‘Basically uneducated people with no managerial training. You get people who basically talk to employees how they talk to their children.’

Although it’s fair to say not everyone was buying it.

‘This one seems really scripted tbh. It’s the “Got it?”part that gives it away …’

‘This really does not read as a believable conversation at all.’


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Source Reddit u/binthinkin77