Guy gets mad when his wife writes a book in her lunch breaks, gets entirely the responses he deserved

In the latest in an occasional series, it’s time for relationship dilemma of the week.

Although this isn’t quite so much a dilemma as a giant facepalm that will have you hollering into next week.

It’s a request for advice from a man who wasn’t happy when his wife used her lunch breaks to write a book … and made a big wedge of cash in the process.

‘Husband gets mad at wife for writing book and selling it for $100k during her lunch breaks,’ said RedpilledChris who shared it over on Reddit.

And it went viral because, well, best have a read for yourself.

And you’ll be glad to know he got entirely the responses he deserved.

‘In fairness, the book is “50 Ways to Make Your Husband Change the Baby’s Diaper…AND HIS OWN”.

‘She needs a break too. It sounds like writing is that break, she just happened to be able to make money off it.’

‘The dedication page reads, “I dedicate this book to my lunch break, which did more to make this book possible than my husband did”.

‘She either could eat lunch and play on her phone for an hour or write a book and make 100k. Where I’ve worked and others have worked, you can’t not take your lunch break.’

‘Wife brings homes $100k I’m giving her a foot massage. That’s just me though.’

‘I’m starting to understand why she didn’t tell him.’

‘This dude is just making excuses for feeling insecure because his wife is the breadwinner.’

‘I just think it’s funny how she had to pause her writing career because “something had to go”. I wonder what he gave up?’

‘Congrats to this woman who held down a full time job, raised a baby and put up with this whiny man child who can’t just be happy that his wife did something amazing.’


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Source Reddit u/RedpilledChris