The only 5 reactions you need to Dominic Raab saying the PM is “in great form”

After an ITV News reporter asked Boris Johnson if everything was okay, due to the shambolic nature of his speech to the CBI, many other people have been asking the same question. Downing Street made a ‘reassuring’ statement.

Boris Johnson is physically well and has a full grasp on the prime ministership.

During an interview on BBC Breakfast, Jon Kay asked Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab what he thought of the PM’s speech, and this was his answer.

If the PM is ‘in great form’, we shudder to think what things would be like if he were in bad form.

These five tweets say all that needs to be said.

Macho posturing incoming in 3 …2 …


Boris Johnson lost his place for 20 seconds during his CBI speech – only 5 responses you need

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