Michael Spicer was in the Room Next Door to the PM’s CBI speech

Boris Johnson’s speech to business leaders at the CBI conference was so bad, it prompted a reporter to ask him if everything was okay.

Here’s just a taste of the chaos.

The performance was quite rightly panned on all platforms, including Twitter.

If ever a speech cried out for the attention of Michael Spicer’s long-suffering assistant in the Room Next Door, it was this one – and it got it.

“Why are you suddenly looking at the speech like it’s been written in hieroglyphics with a sausage?”

And that last line!

via Gfycat

Michael shared the sketch on Twitter, where it got this hearty welcome.

What he said. 👇🏽


Michael Spicer was in the Room Next Door for that ‘bunny hugging’ speech

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