These dogs getting furious playing ‘catch the carrot’ is 34 seconds very well spent

Here’s 34 seconds to take the edge off just a little bit, two dogs playing a game of ‘catch the carrot’ which has now been watched the thick end of 3 million times.

They can’t all be wrong. Can they?

We’ll be playing a game of this with our dog later today, no question.

And just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘When the dog on the right starts getting mad. Ha.’

‘Two ways to solve problems. It looked like the left one was trying to think and find a workaround, and the one on the right was like CROMCH HARDER!’

‘I love how they went from confusion, to intrigued, to rage.’

‘I absolutely love the two dogs personality while one is trying to solve the mystery of the carrot the other is in a ferocious battle to be faster than the carrot.’

‘I think getting smashed in the face by the other dog caused the one on the left to think differently.’

‘He gon’ destroy that damn box.’


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Source Reddit u/TeisTom