This TikTok Spider-Man’s freeze frame challenge fail is taking the web by storm

Brazilian TikToker Cleyton Spider – or @spider_slack – who describes himself as a professional slackline athlete and gaming video creator, has shown that he’s not too shabby at that social media lark, with almost 27 million followers.

It’s TikToks like these that keep them coming.


Não foi dessa vez 😔

♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika


deu certo 👍 @menornico

♬ Amor ou o Litrão – Petter Ferraz & Menor Nico

He decided to get on board with a challenge doing the rounds of the video-sharing platform, in which people use the freeze frame feature to make themselves look like a flying Superman.

This is how it’s supposed to go.


I wish I could say that was my first time. What do you think? ##superman ##superginger ##fun ##bored ##gingeroftiktok ##fyp

♬ Superman – Main Theme – 101 Strings Orchestra

And this is how @spider_slack’s attempt turned out.


♬ som original – spider_slack

The clip has almost three million likes, and inspired people to come up with more apt Spider-Man film titles.

Spiderman: Working from Home

Spider-Man: Don’t Do This At Home

Spider-Man: Broke a Bone

Spider-Man: Home Alone

Spider-Man: Home Concussion

Spider-Man: Bored at Home

To prove it isn’t always @spider_slack who messes up, here’s another one that went viral.


Às vezes temos que salva as pessoas delas mesma, mais nem sempre dar certo!

♬ Avongers Assembol – Former Legend


Probably the best TikTok duet chain of all time starts with a cat

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