This pub has the best warning for any potential bad customers

It might be one of the effects of lockdown, but it seems that we’re seeing more establishments – shops, restaurants, cafes – adopt a zero tolerance policy to abuse by their customers. And not t minute too soon.

Over on Reddit, u/hushitsu has shared this snap of a sign in one place where

This reads like “Caution, wild animals are wild and may attack when provoked”.

Don’t poke the bear… while it brings you your latte.

Customer was punched due to a uhhh…….human error.

Someone named u/Big-Quality3817 shared this potential consequence of treating hospitality staff badly.

Back in the day I’d just smile politely and agreeably, go into the back, and put usually crotch sweat into the next thing they were going to consume.

Does that count as “unpredictably”?

Never behave like an arse to people who bring the food. Or just people.


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Source Reddit Image Taylor Davidson on Unsplash, Reddit