Boris Johnson lost his place for 20 seconds during his CBI speech – only 5 responses you need

Boris Johnson isn’t exactly known for his hugely enlightening or forensically detailed speeches.

Indeed, going off on a tangent appears to be the prime minister’s preferred method of (non) communication.

But even for Johnson, his speech to the CBI today was a proper car crash. And if you were looking for a 20-second summary of his so-called premiership to date, you won’t do much better than this.

And that’s not to mention the car impressions, his visit to Peppa Pig World and all the other stuff.

It was so bad, in fact, that the good people of ITV News felt compelled to ask if everything was alright.

And these are surely the only 5 responses you need.






To conclude.

And this.

And also this.

And if you want it particularly straight-talking (NSFW!)


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