‘Hilarious Teacher Technology in the Classroom’ is as funny as it is true

Former teacher and current comedian, Devin Siebold, really stepped up his moral support for his former profession when Covid hit.

As well as his podcast, Crying In My Car, he releases a lot of school-themed comedy videos, like this one – guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the overworked and underpaid workforce.

Although it’s aimed at teachers, we’re one hundred per cent certain that it applies in a more general form to any workplace that uses technology.

Although it’s a year old, the video has cropped up again because of a viral post on Reddit, where it’s been getting lots of love.

Devin clearly hit the nail on the head.

We have a $400 laminator in the office that no one is allowed to use (in case we break it).

Nice to see nothing has changed in the last ten years I guess.

“This does nothing at all…” Oh boy, this induces very painful memories…

100% accurate. On all counts.

As a former teacher, that fucking pull down screen is a bitch, can confirm they never lock.

Reddit user u/Dranj had this to add to the litany of technological woes.

If you work in a university, you may experience the pleasure of a button activated projector screen. It may respond to the button’s summons, it may not. At some point during your lesson, it will decide of its own accord that your class period has ended and ascend back into the heavens, where the acoustic ceiling tiles dampen your curses and cries of frustration. Only when you have given up and resorted to painstakingly replicating your presentation on the whiteboard will it deign to once again descend in all its glory. All hail the projector screen, may we bask in its presence.

As a bonus, here’s one of Devin’s most recent videos, which shows the very real result of a teacher bringing a sharable snack into class.

You can follow him on Twitter as well as YouTube.


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