This choosing beggar got totally owned for their free dog treats complaint

Someone who seems to think they’re God’s gift to animal equality really didn’t think it through before complaining about a pet shop’s kind gesture – and they got owned. Hard.

We’d hate to see what would happen if the neighbourhood cats got wind of free Dreamies just knocking about. Other treat brands are available.

Reddit users had a few things to say.

And you’d better have some goddamned lettuce ready for when I come in with my tortoise!

And what about people? Some of us like to eat, too. It’s not fair that you single us out, that’s species racism. You can give a dog a treat, but you can’t throw some steaks on the grill for their humans?

I wish I had an unruly cat I took shopping.

My rabbit likes mango if you could keep some of that on hand.

But the bottom line is this, from u/JazziTazzi.

I hope this shop owner doesn’t change what they are doing because of this idiot! Very sweet to give out free dog treats!


Some harsh reality outside a pet shop

Source r/ChoosingBeggars Image r/ChoosingBeggars, Honest Paws on Unsplash