This ‘DIY window frosting’ might not be the facepalm it appears to be

Here’s a handy way to save money on frosting your windows. Although we’re not sure it’s an entirely long term solution.

‘DIY window frosting,’ said ZyberZeus who shared it over on Reddit.

Here are just 3 of the things people were saying about it.

‘She does it with such confidence and consistency. it’s like she’s done this a hundred times.’

‘At least if it doesn’t work, her neighbors will think, if just for a moment, it’s raining diamonds.’

‘If u want a clear view again, continue drilling and soon you’ll have it …’

Although, as is not uncommon with this sort of thing, someone thought we might not be looking at the whole picture.

‘They might just be planning on removing the glass… this is a smart way to do that if the adhesive is on the other side.

‘They can just run a wire through the hole and then through the bottom corner (make another hole) and pull inward. They would be able to easily cut the laminate in between the glass at that point without risking it falling down the side of the building. Just a thought …’

‘Too many people think things are stupid when they don’t know the context. She does it like she’s done it a hundred times. It looks to me like it’s her job.’

‘Not to mention that precision knife lying on the floor. But the idea of otherwise is hilarious anyway.’

We’ll look into it.


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Source Reddit u/ZyberZeus