Bad day working from home? Could be worse, you could be working here

It’s not always easy working from home, particularly if you’ve got dodgy wifi or you haven’t got room to make a proper ‘office’ (or indeed anything that resembles one).

And there there’s a whole other set of issues if you share a house with other people. Or, in this case, pets. Because … watch this.

‘Every one of us has a work from home experience is unique,’ said esberat over on Reddit.

One of those rare videos that manages to look totally awful and utterly lovely all at the same time. Just not overly convenient, that’s all …

‘That looks like an awesome working environment!!😍😍’

‘What a battle, both taking hits to land some of their own, serious heart.’

‘Love how they paused for a bit and then again went at it with full throttle.’

‘Right slap, right slap, right slap, right slap, left slap, right slap, pauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, left slap, left slap, Hard left slap, left slap.

‘Dog has nothing to be ashamed of, even Muhammad Ali couldn’t have predicted what came after the pause.’

‘They love him so much they want to be near him.’

‘I want this as a virtual background for my Zoom meetings.’

And also this.

‘If John Goodman and Harry Potter had a kid.’

He does indeed.


‘One of the greatest letters ever written’

Source Reddit u/esberat