These might be the best best men of all time

A classic funny wedding video has recently resurfaced, 10 years after the event, and we can see why it’s still popular.

In case you were wondering what the pastor said, because it’s a little muffled, it was –

“I’ve never had that happen before.”

We bet he hasn’t.

The clip, shared by ThoseGuysVP, has had well over two million views and has picked up 830 comments, but these are some recent ones we thought captured the mood.

Bride: This is my day, my moment.

Best Men: Hold my beer.
Richard Halligan

It looked like some comedy movie scene, so beautifully executed. Well done boys.
Priyanka Sharma

I’m glad they were able to have fun at their wedding. A lot of places are so formulaic and would be like “nope, we don’t have time for this…we have another wedding to do after yours”.
Jim deVera

The groom definitely picked the best men 😜
Lue Danger

The clip was shared on Reddit’s r/unexpected forum – which is definitely apt – where it’s been upvoted more than 5000 times in a matter of hours, picking up reactions like these.

That was really awesome!

These men are prepared for anything.

This is what happens when you ask Penn Gillette to be your best man. The other guys weren’t in on it, they thought they might actually have the rings!

This renewed attention might just start a trend.

Gonna steal the idea when my friend gets married.


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