The jury’s out on whether this Fox News presenter’s farcical confusion was an act

You might remember Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham for this accidental Nazi salute.

When you're speaking at the Republican National Convention,  forget it's being televised live, and try to recover…

Perhaps her long history of homophobia grabbed your attention.

Maybe it was when she likened Trump’s child detention camps to summer camps, mocked a survivor of the parkland school shooting or accused Obama of exposing Americans to ebola because he felt guilty about US colonialism.

She’s the gift that keeps on giving but that you’d really like to return and exchange for a nice pair of slippers or a good book – or even horrible slippers and a bad book.

On her Fox show, The Ingraham Angle, guest Raymond Arroyo tried to raise the topic of woke storylines, such as one he’d spotted in Netflix’s hit series, You.

The resulting exchange has not only gone viral but has had people arguing about whether it was a Saturday Night Live-style skit – or an example of supreme idiocy and egotism.

Who’s on first base?

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Minds were blown.

However, while it’s clear that Laura Ingraham isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed – or even the sharpest tool in the blunt tool storage box, for some people, it seemed a bit too stupid to be real.

Opinion remained divided, but these were our favourite reactions.