Aldi’s Christmas ad hits the back of the net with Marcus Radishford

In marketing terms, it’s already the Christmas season, and the latest offering to hit TV screens is that of Aldi, with their homage to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Once again, their Kevin the Carrot character makes an appearance, taking the grumpy Ebanana Scrooge on a journey to discover the spirit of Christmas.

It’s a pun-packed delight, made even better by the Jim Broadbent voiceover, but the Best Cameo Award must go to the Marcus Rashford-voiced Marcus Radishford, who’s ‘always helping children’. A very apt veggie alter-ego for a red.

When the ad landed on Twitter, this is how people reacted.

Aldi added –

Sharp-eyed viewers spotted the arrest of Cuthbert the Caterpillar – the subject of a legal challenge brought by Colin the Caterpillar creators, M&S.

With Aldi pledging to donate 1.8 million meals to struggling families in partnership with Neighbourly this Christmas, Marcus Radishf – I mean Rashford had this to say.

It certainly looks like there’s no shortage of Christmas spirit in Aldi. It’s in the furthest aisle from the entrance.


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