This duck running the New York marathon is quacking us up

We’ve seen plenty of animals running marathons before but up until this point they’ve been people dressed in fancy dress.

This duck, however, is the real thing. And it went viral because, well, watch.

‘This duck ran the New York Marathon. And look at them shoes!’ said Gobi_Masala who shared it on Reddit.

We can’t stop watching.

‘Now that is a duck with goals in life.’

‘Omg. His little waddle is killing me.’

‘He has duck shoes on!!!!’

‘Runner: “…and then I got overtaken by this duck.” Friend: “Someone dressed up as a duck? lol that’s funny.” Runner: “No, a real duck.”

‘Fun fact. Ducks and geese used to be regularly walked long distances from where they were raised to the market to be sold (back in days of yore, before trucks and vans etc.).

‘Lots of walking was bad for their little feet and they’d get lame, so professional shoe makers would set up along the route to make boots for them.’

‘This quacks me up.’

And just in case you were wondering …

‘I can’t find any information on how far Wrinkle (the duck) actually ran or what the story behind all of this is. If anyone else knows, I’d love to hear it!’

‘Story is as simple as it looks. The tiktok guy brings his pet duck everywhere and films it that’s why he has 600k followers.

‘He knew he would get great footage by bringing his pet duck to a marathon. They only ran for a few minutes to get the perfect tiktok vid.’

‘Wait you’re telling me that duck didn’t run 26 miles?’

‘The title doesn’t say but he actually ran for the “birds against KFC” -movement.

‘His comment after was “The KFC sells almost 400 pieces of chicken per minute. Today it’s the chickens, tomorrow it could be any of us. I’m just trying to do my part in raising awareness of this issue.”


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Source Reddit u/Gobi_Masala u/irian9611