TikTok has resurrected this Irish comedian’s hilarious red carpet takedown of Rashida Jones

Eventually, it must get a bit boring on the red carpet, being asked the same questions over and over. “How did you prepare for the role?” “What was it like working with (insert superstar name)?“Who are you wearing?“.

It was probably a bit of a breath of fresh air, therefore, when Irish comedian and radio and TV presenter Jen Zamparelli turned up at the premiere of Cuban Fury, with some original, irreverent and very funny questions.

“What’s it like having a woman standing beside you holding your wallet and a brolley?”

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Although it happened back in 2014, this TikTok of the moment actress Rashida Jones walked into a trap has resurrected the whole thing.


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Fair play to Rashida Jones for taking it in the spirit of comedy.

Other celebrities to get skewered by Jen’s interview technique included Nick Frost, Chris O’Dowd and a very confused Paloma Faith.

It’s well worth a watch, and you can do that here.


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