A Ring doorbell captured this epic house cat versus bobcat face-off

Whatever else people think of Ring doorbell sytems – other brands are available – it’s clear that plenty of fascinating, funny and frightening incidents would never have come to light without them.

Over on Ring’s YouTube channel, which is well worth a deep dive, they’ve shared the moment a plain old house cat defended its dinner against a bigger and fiercer bobcat.

No animals get hurt.

Ring wrote

Marsha wasn’t home when this tense encounter happened at her front door. She received a motion notification from her Ring Video Doorbell and was able to watch the video thanks to her Ring Protect subscription.

Cat to the bobcat: Do you know what I had to go through to get this food. I had to let them pet me and purr while they did. No way I’m I letting you have it. Be gone!
Sharon Cooper

I like the way he stares down the Bob Cat and then he is straight back into his dinner. Made me laugh.

I don’t blame that kitty. I’d kick a bobcat’s tail, too, if he threatened my food!

That cat was lucky. That bobcat could have taken all nine of its lives.
Ronald Lewis

We suspect that YouTube user random guy might have had a point with this comment.

That bobcat wasn’t to going to steal its food that cat was food.

Nothing dreamy about that.


Two cats – two very different weeks

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